“A Short Story of a Master’s Thesis in Art History” @ Carpet Collector 4/2015

My article titled, “Anatolian Carpets in the Saint Margaret’s Church in Mediaş, Transylvania – A short story of a master’s thesis in art history”, was published in issue 4/2015 of Carpet Collector, a well-known bilingual magazine of carpets and textiles for collectors.

Think about two states, an empire and a principality with different ethnicities, languages, religions and military conflicts. It is quite normal for one to be inspired by the others’ art since the oriental trade has potential to entail such cultural exchanges. But it is extraordinary when a whole ethnic group happens to use artistic objects of religious significance to others, in their religious sites, thus creating a contrasting and enriched cultural heritage.

This became a reality when carpets, especially those woven in Anatolia and often in Muslim prayer rug format, reached Transylvania. It was there that Transylvanian Saxons started to use these rugs to adorn the walls, pulpits, choirs and pews of their Lutheran churches as a token of admiration and respect.

Blumenau Church, Braşov

Blumenau Church, Braşov

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