“Suggestion of RFID Technology for Tracking Museum Objects in Turkey”

The DigitalHeritage 2013 International Congress took place in Marseilles, France, between 28th October and 1st November 2013.

It was the largest exhibition on Digital Heritage ever organized. Spread over more than 700m2 of space, the exhibition is divided into six unique categories.

The event was very wide-ranging including 350 presentations, some 100 full papers, 130 short and special session papers, 90 posters, 20 panels, tutorials and workshops and 37 exhibitions.

We (Hakan Melih Aygün, Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez & Levent Boz) wrote a paper titled “Suggestions on RFID Technology for Tracking Museum Objects in Turkey” and Nurdan gave a presentation about this subject during session titled “Theory, Methodologies and Applications of Digital Heritage” and it has been published in the Conference Proceedings.

Now, it is our pleasure to share the abstract with those interested in the subject: Technology and Cultural Heritage…

Suggestion of RFID Technology for Tracking Museum Objects in Turkey


This paper investigates the use of data in Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for museum applications in Turkey. Turkish museums hold approximately three million cultural and natural artifacts. In addition to protecting movable cultural and natural artifacts, which is important for both natural and cultural heritage, documentation, inventories, and presentation to the public through museum exhibitions are necessary. This paper analyzes the use of RFID technology applications in museums and technological adaptation experiences across the world to address suggestions for Turkish museums in order to overcome some of the problems with inventories and security tracking, as well as to provide dynamism in presentation. In conclusion, we argue that RFID technology can be applied in Turkey for inventories of artifacts, monitoring and tracking collections, and interactive museum displays. RFID technology requires adaptation to museum characteristics including needs, infrastructure plans, and types of artifacts both on display and in storage facilities. This may require development of special projects and strategic planning before RFID can be employed in Turkish museums. Besides research and technical assistance, we also believe that training of museum staff and administrators about RFID technology should be an integral part of installing RFID applications in Turkish museums.

Keywords: RFID, museum, inventory, collection monitoring, interactive museum applications

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