Puglia Trat X TRAN – Tratturi per transumanza (International Summer School 2013)

The summer school, “Survey to Design: New Technology and Land Protection”, took place from 27 July to 10 August 2013. This was conceived and coordinated by Pietro Grimaldi, an expert of Architectonic Photogrammetry of the Politecnico di Bari.


The objective of the fourth edition of this international summer school was to illustrate the conservation of land through the use of new technologies and promotion of international cooperation in both the professional and higher education fields.

Teachers and participants from Albania, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Libya, Romania, Tanzania, Turkey and Venezuela investigated the use of new technologies for surveying land and architecture. The summer school focused its studies on areas of unquestionable historical and architectural value in Puglia.

The technologies and methods that were used for the survey and documentation were architectonic photogrammetry, GPR, GIS, GPS, laser scanner 3D, stereometric modelling, rapid prototyping, remote sensing satellite, UAV and thermography. With these technologies and methods, we were able to analyse the morphology of the resulting artefacts and design interventions to safeguard them.

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